by Fox & Hound

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released August 16, 2013



all rights reserved


Fox & Hound Cheyenne, Wyoming

Jay Egan-Wright: guitar, vocals, percussion, mandolin

Mike Meier: guitar, vocals, percussion, mandolin, harmonica

We are just two dudes from Cheyenne, Wyoming who enjoy writing and playing music.

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Track Name: Colorado Crow
I say no
had to let you go
had to let you go
blowing snow
across a broken road into Colorado
woven hair
falls across your face
no one even cares
people stare
you're a fall from grace
what are you doing here?

And I watch you fall away

Way to slow
what is there to know
what is there to know
soaring low
calling to our hearts
Colorado crow

And I watch you fall away
Track Name: Twin Sheets
simple goodbyes aren't hard to write
the tide in your toes pulls me into your skin
with nothing to find the buoys are blind
pink and orange dall' in the wester wind

I found a bottle in twin sheets
felt the deadbolt slip now my body's numb
the words you don't say I can smell on your breath
our bones shake
the winter is near

the tide is coming the tide is pulling away
short strings broken but they're not pulling away
Track Name: Foul
my head is foul
throw it in the ocean and watch our temple drown
pull me down
gasping for your breath but my lungs could never hold that sound
my missing side leaves me like a dollhouse, everyone can see inside
I'm terrified
shoulders shaking, frame is breaking,
temple walls will coincide

So let's be fowl
show me all your feathers and your feet will never touch the ground
I'll show you how
tell me where your nest is and I'll bring you all the sticks I've found
kings don't need a temple but a queen in order to be crowned

there's nothing else to hold, hold reaching for my hand
I've already flown, I'm waiting for you to safely land
you gotta learn to fall, you gotta fall to understand
Track Name: Trip to the Moon
just wanna spend the day with you
no one else just us two
we can go on a trip to the moon
and be back before it's noon

gonna ride the park after dark
ignite the spark when we park

gonna blast the radio watch the wind blow
and the grass grows as the night goes
and the skies reflect your eyes
clouds drift by
another day arrives

it arrives on time today
in a different kind of way
don't listen to what they say
just let it be

just wanna spend the day with you
no one else just us two
we can go on a trip to the moon
and be back before it's noon
before too soon
Track Name: √d
the king said grow be the tallest of trees
but grow into me and help me to breathe
so you grew now you're taller than he
you're so tall you can see the ships on the sea
and the birds they land on your limbs
but they take off again to fly south with the wind
as the breeze blows through your hair
but you don't know to where
you wish you were there
and your roots they're deep in the ground
and they're holding you down with the weight of the crown
and the leaves that you hold in your hands
well, they fall to the land and get lost in the snow

and the white blends in with the sky and you just wanna die cause there's nowhere to go

I'll cut you down